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Our Story

Fat = Flavor

Our journey started in a number of places. A young boy in Zambia travels to the market with his father to learn to pick out the freshest of fruits and vegetables, all the while fearing ridicule from the other young boys and girls who were convinced that kitchen work was a job reserved for the women. 

Across the country, a young boy in Yakima is waking up on Thanksgiving morning, running into the kitchen to help prepare the turkey, his favorite way of connecting with his father. 

The boy in Zambia would grow up to become the Lion Chef Gilbert Kalombo. 

And the young boy in Yakima would grow up to become Yakima's Fat Pastor. 

Together, with their families (Beth & Tenielle) this team created Fat Pastor Productions, a multi-faceted culinary collaboration, aimed at making a difference in the Yakima Valley and around the world, through food. 

Through their first organization, Urban Kitchen Yakima, they entered the culinary scene with the goal of helping Yakima's at-risk youth find a family in the kitchen - learning business and culinary skills, and eventually running their own short term restaurant. They partnered with Chef Julie Kirchhoff (head chef at Eats & Elixirs) and David Allan of Allan Brothers Fruit. 
But they also knew that they would need a way to channel money into that program. So they began one of the nation's first legal underground dining clubs, Bite Club.  180+ members and spanning two Washington regions, they knew it was time to move into something more. 

That's when The Lab, which is now Eats & Elixirs, was born, a unique globally inspired dinner & brunch spot in downtown Yakima. The Lab (Now Eats & Elixirs) was birthed on February 19th, 2020 - what seemed like moments before Covid-19 hit. But through generosity, gratitude and intense determination, it has continued to push through the roadblocks, and continues to serve our beautiful city. 

Having gained a following over multiple sphere's, the Fat Pastor team is so excited to continue growing and creating opportunities for regional transformation. We believe in playing with our food, creating culinary adventures, and capitalizing on the beauty and wealth that is the Yakima valley. And we hope you'll join in the fun with us. 

If we haven't yet connected with you at one of our other projects, we look forward to meeting you soon!

Il Grasso E Sapore!

Fat = Flavor! 

Owners & Executive Team

Chef Shawn Niles "The Fat Pastor, Chef Gilbert Kalombo

chef shawn.jpeg

While our executive team handles the culinary and financial operations, we realize that we would be nothing without the rest of our family that so beautifully completes our overall operations. 

Tenielle Niles

Beth Kalombo

The Team @ Eats & Elixirs

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